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Introduction to Sinogreen Modular corporation

Sinogreen Modular System (Tainjin) Co., Ltd. is a modular buildingcompany located in Sino-Singapore (Tianjin) Eco-City. It is a joint venturehold by SinoGreen Group Investments Corp. with Tianjin Engineering &Construction Corporation and China Light Industry Construction Co. Ltd. asshareholders. Sinogreen Modular corporation is specializing in production andinstallation of integrated modular building, researches and develops technologyof green modular building and its intelligent system, and provides full lifecycleservice to modular building.

Sinogreen corp. possessesits industrial land located at No.300 Hanghai Road, Sino-Singapore (Tianjin)Eco-City with an area of 29,744 square meters. The region will be developed intoa high-end green tourism and residential area in Bohai Rim. Sinogreen corp. isdesigned to produce modular building amounted to200 thousand square meters annually.The production and research base covers the first steel structure integratedmodule assembly factory, which is scheduled to perform trial production inSeptember 2014. There will also be the first three-floors modular officebuilding in China covered an area of 3000 square meters, as well as the firsteleven-floors modular apartment covered an area of 8000 square meters. Theproduction base of Sinogreen Modular corp. will be forged into a new landmarkin the region.

Sinogreen corp. hasbrought the design, manufacture and installation system of mature integratedmodular building from the US in, and implemented its localization. Steelstructure modular building is the advanced international architectural formwith the height up to 35 floors. Module production is the process of assemblingstandardized building components in modular building production line in accordancewith standard of operation procedures, its industrial production rate accountedfor more than 80% of the total construction (including both interior andexterior finishing), which contributes to promote the specialization and standardizationof construction industry. Modular building production turns traditional constructionworkers into industrial (manufacturing) workers

to increase labourproductivity in average. Sinogreen corp. implements the theory of IPD(Integrated Project Delivery, integrated project implementation), attained accuratemanagement of construction cost and delivery. The development of modularbuilding production can not only upgrade traditional construction industry intostandardized and industrialized manufacture, but also drive new system ofbuilding architecture, new method of construction and new building materialsinto application and made green building and its intelligentization come intotruth, which is singnificant for the transformation ,escalation and sustainabledevelopment of national economy.

U.S. political and commercial delegation visited Tianjin and met cordially with Xiangjun San, deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress and other leaders.